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TuneTrack is an iOS application I built in the Summer of 2020 that enables users to track their music statistics on popular platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. It comes with features such as advanced filtering, one-tap playlist creation, automatic exporting, and home screen widgets that enable playback control on the music services. TuneTrack went viral in September 2020, and has since garnered over 2 million downloads, even topping the charts as the #1 app on the entire App Store in the UK & Mexico, and #6 overall in the United States.

Learn more about TuneTrack here

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Wonderbar is an iOS tweak that provides you with the option to customize your phone's status bar! You can control things like your battery icon, the text that displays, your WiFi and Cellular icon color, and so much more! Wonderbar is currently in use by over 45 thousand people throughout the world, and continues to receive updates.

Check it out on the Chariz Repo!

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Auroris Development

I started Auroris Development in 2019 to work on tools related to the sneaker reselling community. Through Auroris, I've worked with 25+ clients on products for their users. At Auroris, I've primarily used Python and Node.JS with libraries such as, frameworks such as Electron, and databasing systems such as MongoDB.

For more info on Auroris, check out our website!

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Build A Piano

Build A Piano was a Swift Playground I built that won Apple's WWDC 2020 Swift Student Challenge. Build A Piano serves as an introduction for Swift learners into some of the most important iOS Frameworks, such as UIKit and AVFoundation. It is presented in the format of the student building a piano visually using UIKit, while connecting the individual piano keys to audio clips using AVFoundation.

You can take a look at the source code on my GitHub!

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Auroris Tools

Auroris Tools is a cross-platform desktop application created for the sneaker reselling community. I built it using Node.JS with the Electron framework. Some of its features are a browser spoofer (spoofs your location via proxy), proxy latency tester, and a Shopify account generator. Auroris Tools has been sold to multiple clients, and has been redistributed to support more than 2.5 thousand users.

This project has concluded.

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Auroris SMS

Auroris SMS is a tool I built to help connect information providers to their customers. Since many reselling groups exist solely on the social media platform Discord, it is often difficult for them to get instant notifications out to their customers. Auroris SMS solves that by providing a tool to send their users actual text messages. It is written in Python with the library and uses MongoDB to store user information. Auroris SMS has been used by more than 15 customers with over 5,000 registered users.

If you'd like a demo, join the Auroris server!

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Neural Trump

Neural Trump is a word-based recurrent neural network I created that is trained on President Trump's tweets from June 2015 to July 2020.

You can find and follow Neural Trump on Twitter.

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Coming Soon!